Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Well well well the draft was good huh?

 So the Draft happened and let me firstly apologues for the long delay in my blog about this. Im not going to excuse it I just haven’t had the time……..thats a lie, I’ve had the time but I haven’t been arsed.

So firstly who are the winners of the draft? Well I think the big winners were New England. They were able to pick up the 2 players they wanted at the beginning of the draft at 21 and 25. well done. I don’t know if that was planning that they wouldn’t be able to get a Claiborne (a cornerback from LSU who was picked up by Dallas at number 6) who would be a brilliant fit and picking players they guessed would be there or not but, Chandler Jones (Defensive End from Syracuse) and Dont’a Hightower (Linebacker from Alabama) make one of the worst Defensive teams in the league a lot stronger. Chandler Jones isn’t Suh but is a very good player. Well Done New England.

I must say I was surprised by the amount of trading picks was going on. If you don’t know St Louis Rams were given the 2nd pick at the end of the year. By the time they took their first pick they ended up with no 14.
This is because firstly Washington swapped with them and picked up RG3 who will change the entire franchise in just a few years. Then Dallas swapped St Louis their number 14 pick for Rams number 6 pick. Dallas picked up Claiborne (description above) and this gives the cowboys a secondary (HA HA who would have thought it). Does this make Dallas a contender…… well maybe? They were 1 game away from being in the play-offs at the expense of Superbowl winning New York Giants. They may have been able to take that momentum to the play-offs and follow the Giants lead and win the Super…… no I cant even finish that sentence. They would have been smashed by Green Bay and even if they fluked their way through them I doubt they would have been able to get passed 49ers and Pats to win the bowl. Wow Giants did really well huh?

The Draft has made some teams highly competitive who looked like they would be getting the number 1 pick next season. The Jags now have 2 good players. Blackmon and Jones-Drew. So if they cant get through the defence by running through them they can try and pass it to Blackmon (Wide receiver from Oklahoma picked number 3 overall). All they need now is someone to throw the actual ball. Lol. Cleveland are better. They got rid of Willis and bring in Trent Richardson (Running Back from Alabama picked number 3) who is going to be a hell of a running back as well as picking up a Quarter Back from Oklahoma called Brandon Weeden who is 28 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did this guy only just get drafted. His career will be over in 5 years. What kind of investment is that. Your rookie season should be your 5th. I looked up how it is that Weeden is only getting drafted now and its because he used to play professional baseball for a few MLB teams before injuring his arm and rethinking his career and changing to Football. It would appear to be an ok call but I wonder if he may have stayed in the MLB if he knew that he would get drafted to Cleveland. It would be like “I wanna be a football player” “you will get picked up by Cleveland” “um…… i think ill play Canadian baseball”.

so who were the losers of the Draft. Well the Saints had all their picks removed because of the Bountygate so they must get the biggest loser award. But I must say I wasn’t impressed with Cardinals choice. Im sure Flloyd will do quite well. Im sure that he will get quite a few catches this season because Fitz will be double covered and they will have someone else to throw the ball to so I understand that but Fitz has been double covered for years and people still couldn’t stop them. Cardinals biggest problem is their D and they didn’t improve this when they could have. They could have got Dre Kirkpatrick (Cornerback picked by Bengals) and that would have improved their D no end. But they choose to pick up another Wide receiver. I don’t see their season changing. All well and good having 2 good WR’s but when you have Klob throwing the ball your not gong to win the superbowl. You’re not even going to get in the play-offs.

Finally I would like to cover the Saints bounty gate. For those who don’t know the saints D were told that they would get extra bonuses if they were to “take out” the other teams Quarter back. This is a major rule break.  So the head Coach Sean Payton has been banned for the season, Gregg Williams the Defensive Co-ordinator who has since joined the Rams is banned indefinitely (don’t expect this ban to any thing other than lifetime) and 4 players were banned from anything from 16 games to 4 games. Star linebacker Jonathan Velma was the player banned for 16 games and he is appealing that.  

I have to say I feel for them a little bit. Payton didn’t get Williams to put the bounty on but is being punished as though he did and Velma was just following orders from his Coach. I think a massive fine and 10 game ban would be fine for them but Williams should get a life time ban for what he organised

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