Tuesday, 20 March 2012

20-03-2012 Tebowmania is no more in denver

Payton Manning is a Bronco. Well who saw that coming. What the hell happened to TEBOWMANIA??????? I understand where Denver are coming from they have got rid of the unsteady unreliable quarterback and brought in Mr Consistency so its probably going to work out. I would like to point out that Denver are a play off team for sure now. I cant see San Diego or Oakland competing with Manning’s Broncos. But where does this leave Tim Tebow. Well a few teams still need a QB and you would have to think they are in the running for him. If im Tebow I would rather go to a team that has an amazing Running back because they could do so many play action plays ect. The choices for Tebow would be Cleveland Browns, Miami Dolphins, Jacksonville Jaguars or the unlikely Buffalo Bills (I know New England have been rumoured but he would have to be a running back and he didn’t seem to happy to do that behind Orton in Denver so why would he choose to do that in Boston).

I think there is a problem in Miami. They must have known that Manning was looking towards San Fran and Denver over them and I know they are looking at Smith but I think that Smith will have an rather stay in niner town. Ive just seen they have signed David Gerrard on a 1 year deal. The former Jag is not a bad choice. He is a pro bowler in his last season in the league and should be good enough for team that may well end up last in the NFL next season and get the number 1 pick. They wont do anything next season.

 Matt Flynn has found home in Seattle. Im not sure about this one. The guy should be a pretty good player but for the seahawks? Im not sure. I think they paid a lot of money to a guy who has only had 2 career starts even if he does hold green bay records that Farve and Rodgers haven’t been able to get yet. He will be ok there but I can see them getting into the play-offs.

In other news with Brandon Lloyd joining New England Patriots that surely means that the Rams with use the trade with Redskins to bring in Justin Blackmon the most impressive Wide Receiver the draft this year. That is unless Vikings choose him but I think they will look at making sure that Ponder is covered correctly that might help him not suck this upcoming season. Lol. But having a touch of class in the WR role might help that aswell.

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