Friday, 7 September 2012

Step up Tony Romo, who saw that coming?

A very dominant performance from a team who most dont even have making the palyoffs, The Dallas Cowboys and Tony Romo kick off the season opener with a win against Eli Manning's Giants in their own back yard.
With reports that the Cowboys were going to be without some of thier big names, Step up Jason Whitten who on the night could only put together 20yds, but hispresence was felt by the fans and players. Romo with an equal performance to that of his championship win over the Eagles firmly stamps his authority on a division that is wide open this year.

As for Eli manning and the Giants, a win was certainly on the cards. The two time superbowl champion will be kicking himself after a great start to the match, but he was never a match for Tony Romo's near perfect performance. A solid defense over the last 12 months seemed to be getting weaker as the night went on, and with the loss of Mario Manningham to the 49ers you have to wonder if the Giants can get anywhere near there performance last season. Dissapiontment for Victor Cruz who himself dropped three seemingly easy catches over the course of the night, i dont ever remember seeing him drop one over the last 12 months, but with only one interception and three TD passes Romo stood out as the leader and dragged his team to a 24 -17 win.

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